How to make pop-up books? 5 Best books for pop-up book design

5 Best books for pop-up book design

Quite a lot of books about how to make pop-up books are available in the market, but I select 5 books with 4-star above reviews on Amazon for your reference. These how-to books surely cover popular topics, including pop-up book techniques and pop-up book templates. (updated on 8 April 2023)

1. The elements of pop-up

By James Diaz and David A. Carter (1999)

A must-have for any one interested in making pop-up books or cards. This title, to my best knowledge, is the best-selling of its kind. For pop-up books lovers, this book gives you knowledge of how paper engineering work so that you may enjoy appreciating pop-up books.

James Diaz and David A. Carter teach you 44 techniques of paper engineering in 3 categories: folds, wheels and pull-tabs. Every technique is informatively illustrated and physically demonstrated in a flip-flap. You will see the kinetics of the technique and how it works. (photo: Amazon)

David A. Carter just updated his website by adding up dielines of this book. Download here .

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2. Pop-Up Design and Paper Mechanics

By Duncan Birmingham (2019)

The sub-title to this book is "How to make folding paper sculpture." In which case, this book provides 14 project templates for you to put 18 foundation shapes and 9 building techniques into practice. (photo: Amazon)

Ducan Birmingham has got a YouTube channel with step-by-step of pop-up tutorials.

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3. Cut and Fold Techniques for Pop-Up Designs

By Paul Jackson

As shown as the title of this book, it aims to unveil the combination of CUT and FOLD creates various pop-up techniques and effects. Templates of pop-up ideas are well illustrated to follow. (photo: Amazon)

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4. Paper Engineering for Designers

By Finch Keith (2013)

This book is very similar to "The Elements of Pop-Up", which may teach you a great number of pop-up techniques. Having said that, this book offers a pack of cardboard spare parts for you to physically assemble every single pop-up mechanism. (photo: Amazon)

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5. More Designs of Paper Folding for Pop-Up

By Miyuki Yoshida

It is rare to find a how-to book for pop-ups written by Japanese paper engineer. This is the 2nd book about pop-up techniques by Miyuki Yoshida. 15 pop-up works are bond together by two screws for easy removing. All templates of those works are available in the attached DVD. (photo: Amazon)

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