From time to time I am asked by international readers about how to order some of TAIWANESE POP-UP BOOKS reviewed in my blog,  facebook page and YouTube channel. 

In this post, I will show you how to place orders for Taiwanese pop-up books on the on-line bookshop books.com.tw step by step.

📌 About books.com.tw

I order pop-up books on books.com.tw (博客來), the largest on-line bookshop in TAIWAN. Some of pop-up books are bilingual, in Traditional Chinese (used in Taiwan and Hong Kong, while Simplified Chinese is for China) and English.

Surely you may do so and your pop-up books can be delivered worldwide.

📌 How to order

1. Visit books.com.tw

this is where you can order TAIWANESE pop-up books and they can be delivered worldwide.

2. Change the language to English

The webpage is in Traditional Chinese by default. You can change the language to English.

👉 Click on the globe icon on the upper right corner of the screen.

After selecting English, "EN" will shows up next to the globe icon. Everytime when you come back to books.com.tw, be sure to check if "EN" shows up.

3. Sign up for a free membership

You need a membership to shop on books.com.tw. 

👉 Click on "New Members" in blue on the top of the screen.

You then see an application form to complete.

🔔 Your ID

It's membership ID. 4~50 characters long, must include alphabets and numbers.

🔔 Password

8~12 characters long, must include 2 alphabets and 2 numbers, can't use space, " , ' and *.

👉 Click on the YELLOW button to send.

A pop-up window shows up. It's terms and conditions of books.com.tw. Unfortunately it's in Traditional Chinese only. 

👉 Click on the left button to agree to complete signup.

A welcome page shows up to greet you as a member. 

👉 Click on the YELLOW button to go shopping.

4. Sign in your account

👉 Click on "Sign In" on the top of the screen.

5. Order a pop-up book

Take 《POP-UP TAIWAN》 for example, you may click on the following link to get to the order page.

👉 https://bit.ly/BUY_POPUPTAIWAN

POP-UP TAIWAN》, in Traditional Chinese and English, is the first pop-up book on Taiwan. Mr Kit Lau, paper engineer from Hong Kong and renowned for the  series of 《HONG KONG POP UP》, transforms his views and travelling experiences into this pop-up book, including history, culture, food, religion, architecture and landscape.


The prie is in New Taiwan Dollar (NT$, NTD, TWD). Though the exchange rate varies daily, the following gives you a price range in your currency.

USD : NT$ = 1 : 29
GBP : NT$ = 1 : 38
EUR : NT$ = 1 : 31.5
JPY : NT$ = 1 : 0.23


In terms of worldwide delivery, be sure to check if "Global" shows up in Shipping Method. if YES, this book will ship globally.

You may click on "Global" to see details.

  • A truck (lorry) icon means delivery to home 
  • A 7-11 icon means pick-up at 7-11 stores in selected countries.

Click on "Buy Now" if you wish to check out straight away.

Click on "Add to Cart" if you wish to order more books or items.

👉 Let's click on "Buy Now" to checkout.

6. Checkout

3 steps to check out.

STEP 1: Shopping cart

After clicking on "Buy Now", a new screen will show you the detail of your shopping cart.

🔔 Previously if you click on "Add to Cart" and then click on the shopping cart icon when checking out, you may see this screen as well.

🔔 You may change the quantity of the book here. If you decide not to buy this book, change the quantity to "0".

👉 Tick the checkbox of  "POP-UP TAIWAN" to confirm.

👉 Click on "Overseas Checkout".

A menu pops up to choose a shipping method.

👉  Click on the TOP one "Overseas Delivery to Home".

STEP 2: Payment

👉 Tick the FIRST option to pay by credit card.

👉 Complete the section of your personal and delivery details.

STEP 3: Confirmation

Your order details are all here, including shipping fees.

🔔 For international shipping fees, please refer to this Q&A.

👉 Tick the checkbox at the bottom to agree the delivery notice.

👉 Click "Confirm. Send Order".

Congratulations! You have successfully ordered a Taiwanese pop-up book on books.com.tw.

🔔 For the delivery time, please refer to this Q&A.

🔔 For all shopping questions, please refer to this Q&A.

7. Search and order

Lastly, you may also search key words to find your books or any items and then place orders.

👉 Simply enter keywords in the blank field of the search widget on the right column of this blog and click the YELLOW button to start searching.

📌 Recommended Taiwanese pop-up books

1. POP-UP TAIWAN (臺灣彈起)

Language: English, Traditional Chinese

Paper engineer: Kit Lau (2014)

This is the first pop-up book on Taiwan. Kit Lau, from Hong Kong and renowned for the  series of 《HONG KONG POP UP》, shares his views and travelling experiences as a pop-up book, covering various aspects of Taiwan, including history, culture, food, religion, architecture and landscape.

🛒 BUY NOW (worldwide delivery)

2. Hidden in the Train (火車上的捉迷藏)

Language: English, Traditional Chinese

Paper engineer: Star Cheng (2020)

A pop-up accordion book of an original spy story. The Author Star Cheng is a paper engineer, professional illustrator and paper artist. Her work has been featured in the London Design Festival and shortlisted in the World Illustration Awards.

🛒 BUY NOW (worldwide delivery)


Language: Traditional Chinese

Paper engineer: Half-Goatee (2021)

A museum pop-up book by National Taiwan Museum, established in 1908 and the oldest museum in Taiwan, present key values of the museum in an original story.

🛒 BUY NOW (worldwide delivery)